Badman Rave: The Best Reggae x EDM Tunes of 2014

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Badman Rave. These two words had a big impact on electronic music in 2014. In the most basic sense, Badman Rave refers to “reggae mixed with EDM,” but that’s not all there is to it. Groups such as Major Lazer, Showtek, and Yellow Claw all had a big year with Badman Rave sounds. For a picture of the culture behind this genre, we look to one of its most major proponents, the anonymous DJ/producer, Noise Cans. Noise Cans caused some chatter this year with a series of intriguing mixes and an official remix of Buju Banton’s “Champion,” (while concealing his true identity behind a traditional Bermudian gombey mask), and he’s getting ready for a big 2015 with releases featuring I-Octane and Mr. Vegas, to a name a few.

Here, Noise Cans selects his top 10 Badman Rave singles for 2014.