Badman Rave: The Best Reggae x EDM Tunes of 2014

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December 17, 2014


Badman Rave. These two words had a big impact on electronic music in 2014. In the most basic sense, Badman Rave refers to โ€œreggae mixed with EDM,โ€ but that’s not all there is to it. Groups such as Major Lazer, Showtek, and Yellow Claw all had a big year with Badman Rave sounds. For a picture of the culture behind this genre, we look to one of its most major proponents, the anonymous DJ/producer, Noise Cans. Noise Cans caused some chatter this year with a series of intriguing mixes and an official remix of Buju Banton’s “Champion,” (while concealing his true identity behind a traditional Bermudian gombey mask), and he’s getting ready for a big 2015 with releases featuring I-Octane and Mr. Vegas, to a name a few.

Here, Noise Cans selects his top 10 Badman Rave singles for 2014.