Toppa Top 13: Nicki Minaj’s Most Caribbean Moments

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My Time Now MTV documentary (2013)
Often, an artiste whose career hinges not only on talent but on the creation of an entire persona may shy away from giving the audience a peek into their personal life. But you don’t get more personal than underwear shopping. A no-holds-barred look at her life and roots, Nicki’s MTV documentary My Time Now saw the Queen of Hip Hop visiting her family in West Trinidad, taking them on a shopping trip which included getting bras for some of the younger girls. We saw a family embrace her with love, as Onika, and also got a full view of the heritage that birthed the phenomenon that became Nicki Minaj. With a new MTV documentary, My Time Again, set to air, we wait to see what pieces of her this Trini girl will give us this time. โ€”Tishanna Williams