Toppa Top 13: Nicki Minaj’s Most Caribbean Moments

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Gyptian—“Hold Yuh (Remix)” (2010)

Nicki was just starting to make her ascent into pop stardom in spring of 2010 when Gyptian’s “Hold You” became that year’s must-play reggae anthem. Now, us ladies love us some Gyptian and the fellas were already loving the type of moves that were being done to this track, but when you added Nicki’s opening verse on the remix, it just solidified the crossover appeal of “Hold You”. And while we’re used to hearing Nicki use terms like bad gyal and nuff, the use of a phrase as classic as gyal inna bungle—famously used in Beenie Man’s popular 1996 track “Nuff Gyal”—let us know just how versed she is with her reggae. —Tishanna Williams