Toppa Top 13: Nicki Minaj’s Most Caribbean Moments

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Mavado feat. Nicki Minaj—”Give It All To Me” (2013)

As much as she reps T&T, Nicki Minaj sure loves to affect Jamaican patois. It seems to come just as natural to her as slipping into Trini dialect. Mavado’s 2013 single “Give It All To Me” marked her first appearance on a track from a dancehall juggling riddim (though it wasn’t her first collab with Mavado, technically—the Gully Gad appeared on the official remix to “Freaks”), and she showed she fit right from jump with her intro: Long time mi nuh see nuh badman like you, zeen? We would have thought the heavyweight pairing of Nicki and Mavado would have made more waves than it did, but “Give It All To Me” was a quality summertime single that breathes life into any party where it plays. —Jesse Serwer