Toppa Top ’14: The Best Soca Singles of 2014

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December 22, 2014

4/3 Kerwin Du Bois โ€” Press Ah Button/Too Real

A โ€œdrum and fiddle-styleโ€ beat never made us dance so hard. What can we say? Kerwinโ€™s feelgood groovy vibe just always hits the right spot, and “Press ah Button” isย one of his best. The party anthem’sย vocal melody,ย along with the buoyant Coconut Shell riddim (produced by Andrew Hitz Phillip, who also co-wrote the track with Kerwin) blend like aย perfectly mixed drink.ย Now, in true Kerwin fashion, he gave us more than one epic song this year. Remember our โ€œDoโ€™s and Dontโ€™s of Winingโ€? With โ€œToo Real,โ€ the winning entry at this year’s Groovy Soca Monarch competition, Kerwin illustrated our Rule #7: If it looks dangerous, maybe you should take a pause before you tackle it. โ€”Tishanna Williams