Toppa Top ’14: The Best Soca Singles of 2014

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December 22, 2014

9. Porgie & Murda โ€” Benupย 

Just when you thought there weren’t any more creative ways to sing about wining, Porgie & Murda’s bashment soca tune “Benup” proves otherwise. The Bajan comedic duo refer to female figures, figuratively, by encouraging them to recklessly reverse their bumpers into their partner. So you can only imagine the pile up that occurs when this tune plays. When not providing comic relief in their popular web series, they can be seen performing as Lead Pipe & Saddis while also writing tunes for other soca artists such as Patrice Roberts and Denise Belfon. For 2014, they decided to take their talents to the big screen, filming a feature length movie called Unusual Suspects that’s sure to boost demand for more tunes like “Benup” once it’s released. โ€”Jam Central