Fred Locks Presents the Toppa Top 10 Marcus Garvey Songs

August 18, 2011

Words by DJ Gravy, Photos and Video by Martei Korley




As we mentioned the other day, we–along with a lot of other folks–are celebrating the birthday of Marcus Garvey (August 17th) all week this week. Garvey is a key figure in the history of Jamaica, pan-African identity and the foundation of the Rastafari movement. His legacy is often misunderstood, but his mission was clear: to liberate African people at home and abroad by creating awareness and an international system of trade for the benefit of the diaspora. While scrutinized by bigots and haters, he was immortalized by others as one of the great leaders of all time.

In honor of his birthday, we have mashed our usual Toppa Top 10 Tuesdays, Webisode Wednesdays and Throwback Thursdays into a single massive post running true the top 10 Garvey tributes in reggae–and we got the legendary singer Fred Locks to curate our countdown! His tune “Black Starliner” references Garvey’s vision of repatriation from the motherland to the West Indies. Watch, enjoy and pass it on. Happy Birthday Marcus!