Toppa Top ’14: The Best Soca Singles of 2014

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December 22, 2014

11. 5-Star Akilโ€” To Meh Heart

Expressing a sentiment any soca fan could attest to, 5-Star Akil proclaims his dedication to all things Carnival on โ€œTo Meh Heart,โ€ his successful successor to 2013’s similarly-themed “Partier”โ€”No. 5 on last year’sย soca list.ย The radio host and DJ may be new to performing but he has definitely found his niche in the field by combining vibrant instrumentals with narrative lyricism. โ€œTo Meh Heartโ€ earned him a spot as a set list must-have, and leaves us anticipating what he may have up his sleeves this coming year as well. โ€”Marcha M. Johnson