Toppa Top 10: LargeUp Holiday Gift Guide 2014

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December 4, 2014

10. Cafe Selecto Coffee From Haiti ($7.99-8.99)

Haiti, once the world’s largest coffee producer, has produced coffee almost entirely for domestic consumption for the last 200 yearsโ€”the ugly legacy of centuries of trade discrimination against the oldest Black republic. A silver lining to all that is its growers never modernized their plantations to accommodate mass production, leaving them today with, arguably, the purest beans in the world. All of Haiti’s coffee is Arabica, meaning even the cheap stuff is as good as what’s marketed as gourmet overseas. Thanks to the emergence of e-commerce sites and direct trade collectives, the secret is finally getting out. Miami-based imports several varieties of beans from popular Haitian brand Cafe Selecto, and you won’t find a better bag of coffee anywhere for under $10. Read more about Cafe Selecto, and Haiti’s coffee revival here.