Toppa Top 10: LargeUp Holiday Gift Guide 2014

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December 4, 2014

5. Tiburon Rum from Belize ($35)

Geographically Central American and culturally Caribbean, Belize is most definitely rum country. But, until recently, there were no Belizean rums widely available outside of its borders. Enter Tiburon Rum, a newly launched upstart using a blend of rums from Travellers Liquor, the makers of One Barrel, a Belizean staple that’s occasionally, if inconsistently, shown up on U.S. shores (And also Rompope, a bottled version of Belize’s favorite Christmas drink, rum popo). A smooth, molasses-based sipping rum, Tiburon sells in a 750-mL bottle for a suggested retail price of $35 in the US. It’s been racking up honors from run connoisseurs, including the gold medal at this year’s Craft Spirit Awards (Can’t say we’ve heard of that oneโ€”but sounds official!) since launching last year. Get it here.