The LargeUp Interview: “God Loves The Fighter” Director Damian Marcano

September 19, 2014


LU: Trinidad is known internationally for positive vibes–Carnival, soca, etc. Were you surprised that Trini audiences would embrace a movie this dark?

DM: I’m surprised that anyone other than the people who made this movie actually want to see it. Those who embrace it’s darkness are most likely privy to this view of our society. The others are most likely curious. Because they don’t go there.

LU: What other Trinidadian movies were you influenced, or would you recommend?

DM: Our film industry in Trinidad is developing, so I can’t say I had any influence. But I do watch everything. I like Santana. No, I love Santana. When LA gets too stressful, someone always sends me a clip of a new Santana episode and it always has me dying laughing. I think Roger Alexis has really caught onto our spirit of laughter. I hope he becomes world famous and can eventually increase his production value.

LU: What are your future plans as a director?
DM: I’m headed to Europe for the next three months, before our worldwide release. I’ll be shooting a short film that will also play at 2015 IFFR. Also I’m working on a US feature titled June.

LU: Soca is becoming more visually oriented. The videos have been upgraded significantly the last two years, and you’ve been a part of that with Machel’s “Represent” and “HMA” videos. Will you be making more soca videos? Where would you like to see them go stylistically?

DM: I definitely hope to make more soca videos. I can actually say that I have been affected by the soca culture. I enjoy bringing the artists’ ideas to life…along with a few of mine. Stylistically, I hope we can be up for international video awards. It’s not only a good opportunity for the artists but the filmmakers. Involving more brands is a way I’ve seen this advance in the U.S.

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