The LargeUp Interview: “God Loves The Fighter” Director Damian Marcano

September 19, 2014


LU:ย  Directors and writers are usually very attached to their projects and scripts yet you started the project with a script, and ended with an almost fully improvised movie. What made you change from one to the other?

DM: Well the script that we had was never to be orally delivered in that way. As I told the actors…those lines were for the subtitles. I wanted real “Trini”….and for that began the improvisation.

LU: How has the film been doing internationally since it’s release?

DM: After premiering at the TTFF13 the film has went on to CIFFR in Curacao, winning the Yellow Robin Award (excellence in Caribbean cinema). We then got invited to BET & HBOs URBANWORLD 2014. Next we will be heading onto Europe before our worldwide release.

LU: You sold outย Movie Towne, the largest cinema in Trinidad multiple times during the film festival. Are there plans to show it again for local audiences?

DM: GLTF will definitely be in Trinidad again. We are working on distribution for the entire West Indies at the same time.

LU: There are so many actors, directors, authors that have made their mark on the world and are of Trinbagonian descent but never promote that part of their identity or “come back home” to work. What drives you to return?

DM: I am like Crix. You can find Crix in a house in West, East, North and South Trinidad. People love Crix.

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