LargeUp TV: Legalize The Herb with Sean Paul, Damian Marley and Bounty Killer

April 20, 2015

Words by Erin Hansen-McKnight

For five days and five nights we set sail with some of the most talented Caribbean artistsโ€“ everโ€“ for the first wavy reggae festival, the Jamrock Reggae Cruise. From Damian โ€œJr. Gongโ€ Marley to Bounty Killer and Sean Paul, the concentration of weed song lyricists was strong and the sinsemilla smoke was thick. Long time them smoke and the vibes did right to talk about the advocation of ganja.

LargeUp TV took a moment to talk marijuana history, the decriminalization of marijuana in Jamaica and the spirituality behind being an herbalist with Damian, Bounty and Sean Paul. Watch ourย exclusive 420 video and blaze in celebration of the movement’s progress.