The LargeUp Interview: “God Loves The Fighter” Director Damian Marcano

September 19, 2014


LU: 100% local talent portraying 100% local “behind the mas” life in T&T. Why portray something portraying that mostย  would rather hide about the place ?

DM: I am from that place they would rather hide. I am what happens when you give a young man from Morvant a chance. And I want those young men to be proud of where they come from. Lead by example.

LU: What would you like this movie to do for Trinidad and Tobago?

DM: I would like it to enhance and grow our film industry. You can’t help but care about your cast and crew. People you’ve spent three years of your life with. They took the biggest chance on me. So I hope others will take a chance on them. Trinidad has a lot of talent. GLTF is just one example.

LU: Having left Morvant, Trinidad at a young age, what stood out to you about the areas you returned to for the shoot?

DM: That the young men are still good at their core! Maybe more of us could stop pointing at a man when he’s down and offer him a hand to help him back up.