Toppa Top 10: Ten New + Current Artists WIth Caribbean Roots

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September 3, 2014

9. Wiki (Ratking) (Puerto Rico)

One of New York’s loudest and most ferocious new voices comes in the package of a Puerto Rican-Irish kid from Harlem named Wiki. He fronts the rap trio known as RATKING, who’ve been making waves from NY to the UK since they were picked up by XL Recordings in 2012. Wiki, and his partner in rhyme Hak have a broad cultural reach that is a product of growing up in New York’s melting pot, and going through the same struggles of its residents. Everyone loves an underdog story, whether it’s Wiki slicing deli meat on “Canal,” or his poetic portrayal of taking the subway. Jamaicans can easily gravitate to their anti-NYPD anthem “Remove Ya,” which takes inspiration from Sanchez’s “One In A Million” and fellow Harlemites, The Diplomats. There isn’t a distinct sound to RATKING, giving them an edge in the diversity category; it’s simply no wave rap because it’s non-territorial. Their dub, drum & bass, and trap influences can be from anywhere, and are soon be everywhere. Brrrrrrraaaatt!