Toppa Top 10: Ten New + Current Artists WIth Caribbean Roots

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September 3, 2014

5.ย  Jason Derulo (Haiti)

If the Billboard charts are any indication, pop phenom Jason Derulo knows how to write a hitโ€”and heโ€™s been churning them out since he was 16. Derulo (who writes under his given name Jason Desrouleaux) grew up in Miami, not far from his familyโ€™s native Haiti. By the time he hit high school, his knack for creating club-ready tracks was recognized by prolific producer J.R. Rotem and he was writing for artists like Pitbull, Cassie, and fellow island pop pureveyor Sean Kingston. It wasnโ€™t until the release of 2009โ€™s โ€œWhatcha Sayโ€ (his debut single) however, that Derulo became a household name. Between his dance moves, his radio-friendly tenor, and his six-pack, Derulo has been able to secure a consistent place on the Top 40. His latest album, 2013โ€™s Talk Dirty, features a slightly raunchier Derulo and a slew of pop and hip-hopโ€™s biggest names, from DJ Mustard to 2 Chainz to Timbaland. We havenโ€™t heard him drop any lyrics in Kreyol yet, but he stays connected to the island through his philanthropic work (and the occasional Caribbean collab). Hereโ€™s his video for tubiquitous mega-hit โ€œTalk Dirtyโ€ (New York to Haiti, ayyy):