Toppa Top 10: Ten New + Current Artists WIth Caribbean Roots

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September 3, 2014

Words by Jesse Serwer, Natalie Weiner and Richard “Treats” Dryden/Photo by David Burton

Caribbean artists aren’t only active in homegrown genres like reggae, soca and kompa. Over the years we’ve brought you Ten Trini Rappers Besides Nicki Minaj, Ten MCs You Never Knew Were Jamaican, and Ten Artists You Might Not Know Are Guyanese, demonstratingย in the process that there are Caribbean artists in just about every facet of music, from rap to rock.

Lately we’ve noticed a bevy of new artists with Caribbean roots making an impact in music, though in many cases their heritage–as well as Caribbean influences–is a little obscure. In the tradition of the above lists, we decided to take stock of the newest wave of artists of Caribbean descent currently making noise in the broader music world.

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