Fashion, Forward: Aidonia’s “80s Dancehall Style”

April 16, 2014

Words by Saxon Bairdโ€”


We donโ€™t want to call it a full-on revival, but dancehall has definitely been leaning towards a return to the vintage style and sound of Jamaica in the late โ€˜80s and โ€˜90s. Mr. Vegas (and Joe Lickshot!) just dropped โ€œReal Don,โ€ channeling the simple sound of dancehallโ€™s early digital era. Konshens and Romain Virgo meanwhile gave us one of 2013’s most memorable dancehall videos, donning old-school Jamaican fashionsโ€”mesh marinas, backward Kangol capsโ€” for their excellent throwback tune, โ€œWe Nuh Worry Bout Dem.โ€

Aidoniaโ€”an obvious inclusion in our recentย โ€˜10 Dancehall Artists that Matter Nowโ€™ย featureย โ€”already offered up his own throwback gem last year with the โ€˜90s Madhouse Records-channeling โ€œBoom Flick.โ€ Now comes the video for โ€œ80s Dancehall Styleโ€ (the track also known as โ€œOne Voiceโ€)ย  featuring Aidonia inna similar fashion, looking like an old-school yardie in flip-up shades, gold rope chain and black mesh marina. The trackโ€™s infectious live sound, with vinyl crackling and echoing vocal effects over the Golden Hen riddim, sounds straight off a live dancehall cassette, fitting perfectly with the fashionable visuals of a past golden-era that the video takes inspiration from.

Aidonia has been on something of a roll lately this year. His most recent offering โ€œDon Deh Yaโ€ off the Hot Yeer riddim is serious fyah that features the deejay bussin off forceful verses with verbal dexterity that at first listen could be mistaken for a unreleased Kartel track. Watch the full riddim medley video here.