Essential Kartel: Vybz Kartel’s 30 Most Essential Tunes

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March 31, 2014

Words by Max Glazer and the LargeUp Crew, Image by Ellen G


Addijah Palmer, better known as Vybz Kartel will soon learn his fate and, right now, the outlook is not good for the artist alternately known as the Worl’ Boss and Addi Di Teacha. But is Kartel’s reign as dancehall’s Worl’ Boss over? It’s too tough to call. Whatever your view of Kartel, two things are certain: he has had an extraordinary, and perhaps unmatched, hold on dancehall music in the last decade, and he has also been one of the genre’s most prolific artists ever, right through his now 30-month long incarceration. With this in mind, we decided to go extra long on our latest countdown, highlighting Kartel’s 30 most essential tunes. Because any smaller number would simply not be sufficient.

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