Vintage Vibes: Mr.Vegas + Joe Lickshot’s “Real Don”

April 15, 2014

Words by Jesse Serwerโ€”


It seems like everyone in reggae and dancehall is going back to basics. You could say Mr. Vegas helped kick off this trend back in early 2012 when he released Sweet Jamaica, an album inspired by vintage rocksteady and Jamaican festival tunes. Vegas of course went right back to the future, embracing uptempo EDM-influenced dancehall on subsequent hits “Party Tun Up” and “Give It To Har,” but he’s set his watch back once again with “Real Don.”

Produced by Jah Snowcone and featuring the unmistakeable talents of original sound effects king Joe Lickshot, “Real Don” relicks the vintage digital dancehall riddim fromย “Jah Send Mi Come” by Dignitary Stylish. Vegas pays homage to his influences, calling out Josey Wales, General Degree and the Wild Apache, Super Cat, and vintage landmarks like Skateland. Boomshots tell usย there’s a full juggling coming on this oneโ€”Assassin’s already dropped his takeโ€”so pull up and watch out!