Yo, Rvssian! An Interview with Vybz Kartel’s Favorite Producer

March 14, 2014


LU: Being that you are between Miami and Jamaica nowโ€”how does that change what you do ?

Rvssian: Well I’m always in Jamaica and I’m always in Miami and Atlanta, New York. Lets just say I’m all over the place. I’ll be back in Jamaica next week anyways so, it’s just a week away from the country.

LU: But does it open you up to new things being here where things are less focused on reggae and dancehall?

Rvssian: Yes, it does, but I’m definitely not less focused on dancehall.

LU: What about in terms of sound? Where are you taking your sound?

Rvssian: I’m taking bits and pieces from everywhere I go. I learn new music and styles, so I will drop some slight influence in my tracks to give it a spice.

LU: I understand you’ve been doing some stuff outside of the reggae and dancehall bubble.

Rvssian: I’ve been traveling around the world and around America. I’ve met a lot of known and important people and there’s maybe some bigger stuff in the pipeline for the future in terms of working on the US market. If they want me to produce a hip-hop record, I am a producer so I can produce whatever it is but I am going to always try and blend. If I’m gonna do a song with 2 Chainz tomorrow I’m gonna try and get Kartel on the hook or Mavado to give it that difference. It’s obvious people like that sound judging by previous sounds where Jamaicans were used on the hook.