Yo, Rvssian! An Interview with Vybz Kartel’s Favorite Producer

March 14, 2014


LU: Do you still plan on working with Kartel?

Rvssian: Yeah, I still plan on working with him. [His legal issues] got nothing to do with me and I do music so…Hopefully he gets over that soon ’cause the people and the industry missing him. Of course I still plan on working with him.

LU: A lot of artists have come up from under him and you’ve worked with some of them- Tommy Lee, Popcaan. Do you have your own relationships with those artists?

Rvssian: I know the Gaza artists through Kartel. I didn’t know them before Kartel. Other artists I know on my own.

LU: Chan Dizzy is one of the artists on your label. Are there other artists that you are developing?

Rvssian: I have a new female artist called J Capri. I have released three singles with her. First was “Whine & Kotch.” Which did pretty well, and is still doing pretty well, with a hefty 10 million views on YouTube. And there is the second single “Pull Up to Mi Bumper,” right behind it at 9.5 million. But those were two collabs. For all who doubted her talent, which was very few people, I released “Reverse It” which has been out a month now, with almost 400,000 hits on YouTube. So the response to her and her music is great! She’s currently on tour. I think she’s actually in Dubai at the moment. Keep an eye on her at www.youtube.com/headconcussionTV.

There’s a space for female artists in dancehall, because there’s not many out there who are consistent, and giving the people what they want.

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