Mixtape Mondays: Jah Mikey One x Bescenta, DJ Madbwoy x Vybz Kartel, DJ Private Ryan

March 16, 2020

Words by Kali Madden

Mixtape Mondays

A long quarantine such as the ones faced by so many of us around the world requires a steady soundtrack. So we stocked this week’s #MixtapeMondays roundup extra deep. From a post-Carnival soca cooldown out of Trinidad, to a roundup of 2020’s best dancehall roundup, we’ve got you covered.

Jah Mikey One x Bescenta – Run Di City

Run Di City is an exemplary collaboration with Jamaican roots reggae artiste Bescenta and California-based DJ Jah Mikey One. The format is a showcase of Bescenta’s conscious lyrical flow, with uplifting and relevant messages reminding us to keep the faith in these uncertain times. Known for his trophy-winning dubplate collection, Jah Mikey continues to build momentum as one of California’s top soundclash DJs, placing first in tournaments from Jamaica to Jersey. The mix is a joint effort highlighting both Bescenta’s wide-ranging catalog and Jah Mikey’s ability to champion an artist’s strength. Listen to Run Di City here:

DJ Madbwoy x DJ BadJho – #FullyGaza Vybz Kartel Mixtape

Hailing from Amsterdam by way of Suriname, DJ Madbwoy is known for headlining reggae/dancehall festivals in the Netherlands and surrounding areas, like Jamrock XXL, a festival that has brought artistes such as Busy Signal, Demarco and Spice to Amsterdam. The DJ has made a name as a staple on the Northwestern European circuit, providing a high-energy backdrop for many a happy dancehall queen while opening for some of dancehall’s most esteemed. His #FullyGaza Vybz Kartel Mixtape, a collaboration with his Suriname-based bredrin DJ BadJho, is a studious exploration of Kartel’s abundant work. The compilation features deep cuts such as “Weed Smokers,” and “Get Gun Shot,” mixed to precision with more commercial Kartel favs such as “Sweet To Di Belly,” and “Bicycle.” Delve into DJ Madbwoy’s Fully Gaza showcase here:

Nasheen FireLoud An A Buss Di Crowd Lit Tape Pt. 5

Nasheen Fire delivers a fresh plate with over two hours of 2020 dancehall tunes. Loud An A Buss Di Crowd Lit Tape Pt. 5 brings us up to speed with songs such as Mavado’s “Truest Thoughts,” Vybz Kartel’s “Then You and Me,” and a specimen of litments with Justin Bieber’s “I Don’t Care” remix featuring Chronixx and Koffee mixed to precision with Popcaan’s “Promise.” While crowds may be few and far between at this moment, this mix will still certainly buss any place it plays. Listen here:

DJ Private Ryan – Post Carnival Relief (The Road Essentials) 2020

Soca lovers can endure the carnival lull with DJ Private Ryan’s Post Carnival Relief (The Road Essentials) 2020, one of the latest offerings from one of the Caribbean’s most recognizable tastemakers. DJ Private Ryan has been delivering this tabanca antidote to carnival enthusiasts from all over since approximately 2015. The mix features big songs in 2020 such as Kes’ “Thanks for the Love,” Rukshun’s “Lyrical,” and original Private Ryan mixes such as the “Middle Marfan Road Mix” ft. Angela Hunte and DJ Private Ryan’s mix of Kes’ “Reason to Love.” Satisfy your soca sweet tooth with Post Carnival Relief (The Road Essentials) 2020 here:

Health and strength to all. Bless up until next week!