Toppa Top 10: Ten Classic Clashes at Sting

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December 25, 2013

3. Lt. Stitchie vs. Papa San (1995)
(Honorable Mention: Ninjaman vs. Mad Cobra)

Lt. Stitchie and Papa San were past the peak of their popularity by the time of this mid ’90s clash, but not their skill level. This might have been the most energetic Sting clash ever, with both blazing new trails in terms of delivery, and the rivalry between the two peers was never more palpable. While the fashion in dancehall had turned away from comical entertainers like Stitchie and San towards more hardcore figures such as Bounty Killer, they both came to kill at this clash, which would be both of their last. Not long after, both would leave secular music in favor of deejaying for the lord, something both continue to do to this day.

While we’re talking ’95 Sting highlights, we also have to include the memorable Ninjaman vs. Mad Cobra battle from the same year.