Toppa Top 10: Ten Classic Clashes at Sting

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December 25, 2013

7. Four the Hard Way Clash with Lady G, Patra, Lady P and Sista Charmaine (1989)

As Lady Saw put it above, “the clash is music warfare between the boys.” While Saw herself has abstained from the circuit, there have been a few memorable “lady” clashes over the years at Sting, most notably in 1989, when dancehall’s top female deejay of the moment Lady G engaged in a “Four-the-hard-way” clash with Lady P, Sista Charmaine and a very young Patra. As Patra herself told us in 2011, “I went into the studio, made one or two songs and, within a couple weeks, I was on one of the biggest stage shows in Jamaica, Sting, which we call Baghdad, because if youโ€™re not good, itโ€™s the most dangerous show in Jamaica… And from there I walked straight off into Sonyโ€™s hands, cause they were looking for the female Shabba.”

Wow! Watch the video below for a rare, early glimpse of the young Queen, before her star turn in the ’90s.