Toppa Top 10: Ten Classic Clashes at Sting

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December 25, 2013

1. Super Cat vs. Ninjaman (1991)

‘Clef, Lady Saw, and everyone else is in agreementโ€” when it comes to Sting, Super Cat vs. Ninja in ’91 is the most memorable clash. “That was a great clash, I loved that,” Wyclef told us. “I love the back-and-forth, father-and-son thing. I thought that was dope.” We couldn’t agree more. Adds Lady Saw, “I remember seeing Super Cat on stage slapping the hell out of somebody in the audience. If you move wrong with him he’ll slap the hell out you – he’ll take the mic and boom! Lick you wid di mic.” Making us even more hype on this one is the possibility of a repriseโ€”both Ninja and ‘Cat are on the bill together for the first time in decades and, just as they did 22 years ago, they’ve both got something to prove. Forward to Sting!