Yuh Dun Kno!: Up Close and Personal with Tosh Alexander

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October 4, 2013


LU: So what do you have coming out?

Tosh: Tell me why, tell me why, tell me why, tell me why! I know this is the song that’s going to give me my moment.

Tosh’s Friend and Stylist Rochelle: That song tun up!

LU: Is there one style in particular that you would prefer to focus on?

Tosh: When you’re from Jamaica and the Caribbean, you’re naturally a lot more rounded than many people. You don’t just grow on one thing. I think Nicki Minaj and Rihanna have shown what it’s like to basically jump into any genre, while making it all them. They’ve mastered that, and it’s not just because they’re talented. You have a lot of artist in America who are talented. But having their Caribbean background, and just that natural switch up, they’re able to do it all. And I know I can do it all. I’ve done that. They’ve done it, and it comes across authentic, and they’ve mastered the formula. I’d like to go where it’s taken them, or even better.

LU: What do you like to do outside of music?

Tosh: I’m a homebody now mostly, but I really love a good party. I love to dance. I’m a really good dancer. Not choreography, just like Caribbean wine up, wine up. I dont think it’s too vulgar, but people say I dance like a Jamaican girl. But I’m an old soul, I love old-time music. In any of my songs, I might jack a line reminiscent of an old time singer who I look up to. In “Killamanjaro,” towards the end, I go [sings Rose Royce’s “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore”] You’ve abandoned me, love don’t live hear anymore. I’m not trying to copy but music influences me.

LU: You said you like a good party. What’s going to get you to come out?
Tosh: It’s two things. I love a nice dance. I like when they play old time music, and it’s going to be old time R&B, old time reggae culture, and just reel it into early ‘90s, up until mid 2000s. That will draw me out, on a rainy day, if I have the flu–it don’t matter. Other times, I just love real ratchet Ricky Ross, fun music. But I have to be able to dance to it. I cannot go into the club and stand up and just look at people. It can not happen.

LU: Where do you go when in Kingston?
Tosh: All over! I used to be a Quad person, and then when Fiction became the hotspot, I’d go [to] Fiction. I used to go to nuff dances, hole-in-the-wall Hot Mondays, Weddi Weddi Wednesdays, Passa Passa when they had it. Those dances where they just play music, not so much what’s hot right now. I’d leave from Club Quad and go there, just to get the mix of both worlds. I like that.

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