NEW AUDIO: Tosh Alexander’s “Tell Me Why”

September 20, 2013

Words by Jesse Serwer โ€” Photo by Martei Korley


We’ve been intrigued with Tosh Alexanderโ€”or just Toshโ€”since she first caught our eye in the video for Busta Rhymes’ “Twerk It” this summer. And she piqued our curiosity even before that: One of the first things we thought when we heard Busta’s patois-thick single was, “who is that Jamaican girl with the high-pitched voice talking about she come to flatline everything in this bumboclaat“? Turns out she’s quite a nice-looking one. So nice, in fact, that we named her to our list of the baddest Jamaican gyals right now, off little more than that one glimpse.

“Kilamanjaro” (aka “Love Hate”), the first song we heard from her as an artist, had us even more intrigued, as it features vocals that sound nothing like the shrieking ooman on “Twerk It.” Curious, we we made the link through our mutual friend Addy of Eccentrix Sound, and hooked up with Tosh for a photo shoot and interview, which you can expect to see on LargeUp shortly.

In the meantime, get to know Tosh better with her latest single “Tell Me Why.” Vocally, it’s a nice introduction to the other side of Tosh, featuring some sultry Kelly Rowland/Ciara-esque vocals over a slinky trap beat with some hypnotic strings. Stream below, and stay tuned for more Tosh on LargeUp.