Toppa Top 10: Ten Rap Songs That Shout Out Shabba

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July 18, 2013

2. DAS EFX – “Jussumen” (1992)

Well I’m the jibber jabber, jaw like Shabba

The boogety-woogety Brooklyn boy Skoob and his Jamaican-born, Jersey-raised partner Krazy Drayz, collectively known as Das EFX, made a name for themselves in the early ’90s with their confusingly quick-paced โ€˜jibber-jabberโ€™ rhyme style. Around that same time, Shabba was blowing up the airwaves and the charts in America with his own fast-paced lyrical style, which probably sounded like funky jibberish to the non-patois-trained Yankee ear. The sewer-dwelling rap duo shouted out Shabba on their 1992 single โ€œJussumen,โ€ noting that they, like him, were dropping a brand new linguistical style on the masses.