Toppa Top 10: Ten Rap Songs That Shout Out Shabba

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July 18, 2013

+1 R. Kelly on Hot Stylez’s “Lookin Boy (remix)” (2007)


You remind me of my feet lookin’ girl/Somethin’ in yo teeth lookin’ girl…Stipper with a bullet wound lookin’ girl/SHABBAAA!!!! Female Shabba Ranks lookin’ girl

Shabba references have not always been kind. In fact, a few operate on the premise, immortalized by Marlon Wayans’ “Mr. Uglyman” skit on In Living Color, that Shabba is not the most handsome pea in the pod. That’s the perception R. Kelly invoked when he hopped on a remix to Hot Stylez’s “Lookin’ Boy,” aย Dozens-esque comedy record that consists of rhymes telling you how hideous you are.