Toppa Top 10: Ten Rap Songs That Shout Out Shabba

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July 18, 2013

10. Sneakbo, “Ring A Ling” (2013)

Nigerian-British rapper Sneakbo definitely reps dancehall culture. He dropped a Naija version of Stylo G’s U.K. bashment anthem “Call Mi a Yardie” and rhymed on a remix to “Pon Time” with Vybz Kartel from our friends Orange Hill. His latest tribute to the culture is an update of one of Shabba Ranks’ most classic tunes. Sneakbo doesn’t actually mention Shabba by name but the hook of the song is jacked straight from Shabba’s “Ting A Ling”: Ting a linga linga ling, dancehall and swing/DJ’s ears pop up when they hear my riddim/Ting a linga linga ling, schoolbell a ring/Knife and fork ah fight fi dumpling/Booyaka, booyaka, the gyal dem sing/Sneakbo is di don, number one inna di scene.