Toppa Top 10: Ten Rap Songs That Shout Out Shabba

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July 18, 2013

9. A$AP Ferg (feat. ASAP Rocky) -“Shabba” (2013)

Sha-Shabba Ranks, Sha-Sha-Shabba Ranks/Eight gold rings like Iโ€™m Sha-Shabba Ranks/Four gold chains like Iโ€™m Sha-Shabba Ranks/One gold tooth like Iโ€™m Sha-Shabba Ranks

Rappers have referenced Shabba for years, but Harlem rapper A$AP Ferg went out all out and made a whole song inspired by Mr. Loverman and his bold fashion sense. Ferg, who recently emerged from the shadow of fellow A$AP Mob artist A$AP Rocky with the single “Work,” has certainly elevated awareness of Shabba among a younger generation not old enough to recall Shabba’s hits being new. (While Ferg cites Shabba’s fashion sense in the hook, it’s Rocky who makes the best lyrical reference, quoting from Shabba’s “Ting A Ling”)

With the song widely covered across the music media and Shabba even turning up in the video, he may now have a whole new audience he can tap into…if he wants it, that is.