Eddie Ranks: Eddie Murphy’s Top Five Caribbean Moments

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July 12, 2013

5.”I Make Love to You” (Eddie Murphy Raw, 1987)

One of the most memorable monologues from Raw, Eddie’s classic live standup film, concerns women’s preferences for cheating. Eddie illustrates this with a yarn illustrating a theoretical girlfriend’s plan to take a break from an insensitive boyfriend by visiting the Bahamas alone.

As Eddie tells it, “the moon is shimmying off the ocean, your woman’s crying…and all the sudden a dude named Dexter walks up… Dexter St. Jacques…he walk[s] up swingin’ his dick”โ€”Eddie swings his microphone around at extremely wide intervalsโ€””…then he do that smooth Bahamas shit on your woman.” Slipping into a generic West Indian accent, Eddie also shows love and appreciation for Bob Marley, singing lines from “Could This Be Love” and “I Shot the Sheriff.” Eddie continues, “He rolls one of them big Bahamas joints, puts some of that Bob Marley music on…and Bob be preaching. ‘Don’t let em fool ya…'” Sounds kinda like the plot of a late-’90s chick flick now, doesn’t it?