LargeUp Premiere: Watch Blakkamoore + Snoop Dogg ‘Get Down Tonight’

March 25, 2020

Words by LargeUp Crew

Blakkamoore Featuring Snoop Dogg - Get Down Tonight

Long-time LargeUp family  Blakkamoore โ€” the artist formerly known as Jahdan โ€” returns today with the lead single from his upcoming album Upward Spiral. โ€œGet Down Tonightโ€ features none other than Snoop Dogg, who brings his royal rap pedigree to the bottom-heavy hip-hop track produced by Paperstars  — aka Jahdan and long-time collaborator Andrew ‘Moon’ Bain. That duo previously collaborated with Snoop on his 2013 album Reincarnated, which counted Jahdan and Moon among its all-star cast of songwriters.

The track, streaming now here, comes with a far-out video, animated by French illustrator Bilel, starring Snoop and Blakkamoore as aliens who come to earth to โ€œinfectโ€ people with good vibes, then fly back to space after hosting a killer party inside a dormant volcano. (Yes, really).

โ€œIt was an awesome experience,โ€ Blakkamoore says of his reunion with Snoop. โ€œImagine being in the studio with a legend humble enough to give you creative control, talented enough to accomplish whatever we set out to create and high enough to keep things lit the whole time.โ€

Watch the โ€œGet Down Tonightโ€ video here, and look out for Upward Spiral coming April 3rd via France’s Baco Records and Lustre Kings Productions.