Eddie Ranks: Eddie Murphy’s Top Five Caribbean Moments

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July 12, 2013

Words by LargeUp


When video of Eddie Murphy’s reggae single “Red Light” with Snoop turned up online last month (the one you saw on LargeUp first), it threw a lot of people for a loop. WTFs were heard all around.

While we stopped short of outright endorsing the unexpected track, we got it, though. Our crew is united in a deep-rooted affinity for Eddie, the definitive comedian and movie star of our youth. And, as massive Eddie fans, we know he’s been dabbling in Caribbean cultureโ€”and, yes, occasionally singing reggaeโ€”since his start on SNL. OK, his depictions of Caribbean folks have not always been flattering, but it’s clearly all done with love by a guy who isn’t Caribbean, as far as we know, but grew up in the orbit of its culture. Dammit, my man shared the stage at Reggae Sunsplash with Shabba Ranks, in ’92, no less… so top that, Snoop.

Here’s a look at some of our five favorite Caribbean-inspired moments from a massively funny dude with a marginally decent singing voice.

UPDATE: Eddie’s done it again! Listen to his new reggae track “O Jah Jah” here + read what he had to say about reggae, Chronixx, performing + more in LargeUp editor Jesse Serwer’s interview for Rolling Stone.