Toppa Top 10: The Best Caribbean Carnivals

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February 8, 2013

8. Vincy Mas, St. Vincent

Top 10 Carnivals

Vincentians will tell you their Carnival, better known as Vincy Mas, is the hottest around. They might be right. Like Spicemas in Grenada, Vincy Mas is a mid-summer fete that was originally celebrated during the pre-Lenten period. And like Martinique Carnival, Vincy Mas embodies the “Don’t Stop the Carnival” aesthetic, stretching over the better part of three months beginning in May. The six straight days of mas, jouvert, street jump-up and outright revelry that culminate the event set it apart, though โ€” a marathon of mirth and merriment for the fittest! โ€”Steve Bennett/Uncommon Caribbean