Toppa Top 10: The Best Caribbean Carnivals

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February 8, 2013

Words by Steve Bennett, Erin MacLeod, Jesse Serwer and Jillionaireโ€”

Trinidad Carnival

It’s officially, unequivocally carnival season. Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti, Dominica, Martinique and Rio de Janeiro are just a few of the places where people are either in the midst of taking to the streets in vibrant, raucous and occasionally hedonistic displays of national pride, or are about to. With the biggest carnival in our region about to kick off in Port of Spain, we tapped our feting experts for their picks for the region’s top festivals. For more carnival vibes,ย download LargeUp’s 2013 soca mix Fog Up D Place mixed by Jillionaire.

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*This list is purely for entertainment purposes. The selection process, though based on considerations of size, scope and uniqueness, was entirely unscientific. If you think we’re fools for not including your island’s carnival, tell us why in the comments.