Toppa Top 10: The Best Caribbean Carnivals

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February 8, 2013

1. Trinidad and Tobago Carnival

Top 10 Carnivals

Trinidad carnival is indeed the greatest street party in the world. Trinidad culture and music is difficult to contextualize – people generally perceive us as a feelgood people, but it’s only when you get to Piarco airport and smash your first doubles that you really begin to fully grasp what’s happening on the island. Soca music may sound weird and tinny on iphone headphones on the train, but when you’re in a big fete with ten thousand revelers on carnival Friday and that bass hits your chest, you don’t have any choice but to move.

A carnival band will always be a sight to behold. I played mas every year as a child, and for many years as an adult. I have found my place now as an observer. Whether it is j’ouvert band coming down Tragerete Road at 6am Monday morning or a ‘pretty mas’ getting ready to cross the Savannah stage, you are sharing in an elation that cannot be put into words.

I’ve never met anyone that didn’t enjoy Trinidad carnival. It may be expensive, depending on the route you choose to go. It may be overwhelming, depending on how many events you choose to attend. But to all the skeptics out there, I can say this – try it, you’ll like it. โ€”Jillionaire