January 6, 2016

Photos and Video Direction by Martei Korley
Shot by Martei Korley and Garreth M. Daley/GDFilms
Edited by Kieran Meadows

In the first installment of our Live From the Jamrock Cruise webisode series, shot aboard the Welcome to Jamrock Reggae Cruise in December, we sit down with dancehall icon Cham. A staple of the Jamaican music scene since coming up in producer Dave Kelly’s Madhouse Records stable in the ’90s, the artist formerly known as Baby Cham is highly regarded and greatly respected by fans and other artists for his catalog of bashment hits, and especially energetic live performances. Here, he shares with us the motivations behind his success, and the steps he takes to make sure his stageshow always tun up.

โ€œI used to have the mop stick or the broomstick, and I used to just stand on a chair in my home, and perform for my sisters and my brothers, and they would laugh because they thought it was just funny,โ€ Cham recalls of his early days as a starry-eyed youth. โ€œNow, when you are on stage and you see thousands of people rocking and singing the music, it’s my dream. I’m living my dream right there and then.โ€

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