LargeUp TV: Lady Saw, Lingerie & the LES

April 8, 2011

A LargeUp Exclusive Webisode – Words by Jesse Serwer, Photos by DJ Gravy, Video shot and edited by Frank Siringo


When LargeUp was offered the opportunity to interview Lady Saw recently, we knew immediately where we wanted to bring her: lingerie shopping. The first lady of dancehall has long been the Caribbean’s leading spokesperson on female sexuality, and we’d heard she plans to launch her own line of bedroom attire soon. Only problem was, ladies underwear shops don’t exactly relish having film crews on the premisesโ€”at least not on short notice. So instead we introduced Ms. Saw to LargeUp’s own Jamaican model/trainer extraordinaire Kelli “Natural” Thompson and brought them to Spur Tree Lounge on Manhattan’s Lower East Side for some girl talk over jerk wings and cocktails. The ladies discussed the latest Saw album My Way, hair, shoes, prepping for shows and, of course, concepts for the lingerie line, including outfits inspired by her tunes “Stab Out The Meat,” “Hardcore” and “Pretty P” (Not to mention bras with chains and pockets for condoms.) As the artist herself said, “Lady Saw is sex, and sex sells.”

Lady Saw and LargeUp’s Kelli “Natural” Thompson: