Toppa Top 10: Dip Set x Dancehall

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January 23, 2013

6. Cam’Ron, “Bum Bum”
Cam'Ron Public Enemy

After his Youtube-fueled beef with 50 Cent had him looking kinda crazy (and even had Jim Jones becoming Dip Set alpha dog for a minute after Cam’s estrangement from his own crew) Cam’Ron took some time off in ’06/’07. Among the tunes on his comeback mixtape Public Enemy # 1 mixtape was “Bum Bum,” which sampled Sister Nancy’s dancehall classic “Bam Bam.” Never missing an opportunity to rep his taste for Jamaican takeout, he also offered this Atkins-friendly one-liner: “Gal need advice, told her we can eat a bite/Ate the oxtailsโ€”you can keep the rice.” But the real capper was the skit that precedes it.