Toppa Top 10: Dip Set x Dancehall

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January 23, 2013

7. Juelz Santana feat. Sizzla and Cam’Ron, “Shottas”
Juelz Santana Shottas

These days you can find Cess Silvera’s Shottas on sale at the checkout counter of Duane Reade but, back around ’05, the famously bootlegged Jamaican gangster flick was in every thug’s DVD drive. A testament to the movie’s appeal (or at least the hip-hop’s embrace of the term shotta) was this Sizzla collaboration fromย Juelz Santana’s What the Game’s Been Missing. Produced by the Heatmakerzโ€”the Jamaican-born beat team behind the Dip Set’s most classic tunes and a key factor in the crew’s embrace of Jamaican and dancehall cultureโ€””Shottas” wasn’t a big hit, but it did produce one of the more memorable videos from the Dip Set’s heyday, not to mention the line “He curry chicken, turn him a beef patty.”