Toppa Top 10: Dip Set x Dancehall

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January 23, 2013

9. Wayne Marshall, Vybz Kartel and the Diplomats, “Straight off the Top”
Def Jamaica

File this one under tunes that sound better on paper than in practice. In hindsight, the collaboration between an ascendant Dip Set and a then-fresh-out Vybz Kartel is probably one of the more disappointing tunes on 2003’s hip-hop-meets-dancehall compilation Def Jamaica, considering its potential. But whether it’s Jim Jones quoting Shabba or Juelz Santana toasting to a good plate of ackee and saltfish, “Straight off the Top” has its entertaining qualities. Honorable mention goes to Def Jamaica track “Sweetness,” a collaboration between Cam’Ron, Buju and some sort of pseudo-Neptunes gone salsa beat.