Toppa Top 10: Dip Set x Dancehall

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January 23, 2013

+1: Cam’Ron, “Family Ties”

Terry Ganzie

Among the many entertaining references to Jamaican culture Cam’Ron has made over his nearly two-decade-long career (and as recently as his latest tune), one of his best and most enigmaticโ€”to some people at leastโ€”was the line, “80 holes in your shirt, there: your own Jamaican clothes,” from the Purple Haze cut “Family Ties.” For some this might be a clear reference to the popularity of hole-y string vests (aka “ganzie shirts”) in Jamaica but the line was the inspiration for the popular website Rap Genius, whose founders started the online rap lyric decoder after being confounded by the reference.
(Bonus points to anyone who’s seen Cam riding around Harlem on a BMX bike wearing the tam with the fake dreads, his preferred look for “incognito” missions to his old ‘hood.)

Cam’ron – Family Ties from 92izi on Vimeo.