Toppa Top 10: The Caribbean’s Best Rum Creams

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December 11, 2012

El Dorado Cream Liqueur

Top Caribbean Rum Creams

Thereโ€™s no disputing the mastery of Guyanaโ€™s Demerara rums, particularly the El Dorado blends. Dark, robust, sweet and full-bodied, the 12-, 15- and 21-year-old El Doradoโ€™s are as desired a threesome as Iโ€™d ever hope to be a part of. The brandโ€™s Cream Liqueur employs a five-year-old gold El Dorado that is a marvelous mixer in its own right. Loaded with natural spices with a rich toffee flavor, this stuff is heaven in your coffee, or chilled to cap a special day.