Toppa Top 10: The Caribbean’s Best Rum Creams

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December 11, 2012

Words by Steve Bennettโ€”

Top Caribbean Rum Creams

Tis the season… for milky, creamy drinks spiked with alcohol. Hold the Bailey’s, Kahlua and white Russians, though: nobody does cream liqueur quite like the Caribbean, where just about every island has its own unique variation on the warming cocktail. With the holidays in view and rum cream drinking season in full effect, we asked Steve Bennett, editor behind our favorite travel blog Uncommon Caribbean (where he and his brother, Patrick, reviews rum, beers and Caribbean-themed libations of all kinds every Friday as part of its Friday Happy Hour series), to select the region’s best of the best.

Eggnog ainโ€™t ready for we in de Caribbean! I mean, the stuff is okay, I guess, but how good can it really be if those who love it only drink it during the hap-happiest season of all? We West Indians love our rum creams all de time! Even with our more seasonal favorites, like coquito and ponche de crรจme, thereโ€™s a big difference. Whereas your typical non-Caribbean holiday party will serve up both high-test and non-alcoholic versions of eggnog, all of our creamy treats are always big on booze. Here are a few of my favoritesโ€ฆ