Mixtape Mondays: The Best Mixtapes of 2011

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Black Chiney, 10 Year Anniversary Mix: What can you really say about Black Chiney? Members Supa Dups, Large Up contributor Walshy Fire, Bobby Chin and Willy Chin have been callin’ shots and murdering sounds for years and years with no tears. Ten years, specifically, and they launched this CD and tour to commemorate that fact. The silky r&b special intro is sick, moving directly into a plate of the hiphop reggae remixes that made them famous in the first place, including the Vybz Kartel remix of Eminem’s Supa Dups-produced “W.T.P.” The mix closes out with a grip of their classic live sets and a preview of their 10th Anniversary Tour. Madd. Download here.

Black Chiney 10 Year Anniversary Mix CD by Walshy Fire