Mixtape Mondays: The Best Mixtapes of 2011

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January 2, 2012

Black Chiney,ย 10 Year Anniversary Mix: What can you really say aboutย Black Chiney? Members Supa Dups, Large Up contributor Walshy Fire,ย Bobby Chin and Willy Chin haveย been callinโ€™ shots and murdering sounds for years and years with no tears. Ten years, specifically, and they launched this CD and tour to commemorate that fact. The silky r&b special intro is sick, moving directly into a plate of the hiphop reggae remixes that made them famous in the first place, including the Vybz Kartel remix of Eminemโ€™s Supa Dups-produced โ€œW.T.P.โ€ The mix closes out with a grip of their classic live sets and a preview of their 10th Anniversary Tour. Madd. Downloadย here.

Black Chiney 10 Year Anniversary Mix CD by Walshy Fire