Mixtape Mondays: The Best Mixtapes of 2011

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January 2, 2012

Nguzunguzu,ย The Perfect Lullaby (viaย Dis Magazine): Definitely feeling LAโ€™sย Nguzunguzu, not only for having a wicked name but for making all sorts of tropical thunder lately as well.ย The Perfect Lullaby is just that, offering up a thorough mix of French-Caribbeanย zouk vibes, opening with what sounds like some Vollenweider ish.ย All the zouk tunes here areย in English, including some sexy remixes of top 40 and classic r&b jams, some really minimal joints and definitely some cuts fi di gyal dem. Label this post-dinner party heat. Get the download, and check the tracklist and tripped-out waterfallย here.

NGUZUNGUZU – The Perfect Lullaby by DISmagazine