Mixtape Mondays: The Best Mixtapes of 2011

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January 2, 2012

4. Collin Hines,ย 1990 Suppm: Episode 1: ย This was definitely a must download for any dancehall fan, especially those who appreciate the 90โ€ฒs era, as we do so fondly here at LargeUp. As Stephen โ€œSupa Hypeโ€ Davis states in the intro,ย ย Collin โ€œThe Captainโ€ Hines is not a bus driver, but a true DJ (as in disc jockey) OG, responsible for popularizing the mixshow format on Jamaican radio. On what he promises will be the first installment of an ongoing series, youโ€™ll find 73 tracks of necessaryย 1990 suppm dancehallย business. Streamย here, downloadย here.