Lawdamercy! Bounty Killer on Catchphrases | LargeUp TV

January 6, 2015

Words by Jesse Serwer
Photo and video by Martei Korley
Edited by Sir Ledgen


Bullet! Kaboom! Haw! Hey Yo Yallo! Lawdamercy! People Dead! Ah Who! Yeah Yeah! Bounty Killer has coined more catchphrases than anyone in the dancehall business. While sailing aboard the Welcome to Jamrock Reggae Cruise in October, we asked the Five-Star General about his penchant for creating catchy calling cards. “I never really checked but I got a lot of catchphrases,” Bounty told us backstage after shelling down the ship on the cruise’s Night 3. (Read our interview with Bounty here). “The first time I said Cross, Angry, Miserable, I never knew it was a phrase, I was just saying that’s how I feel. And then it became a catchphrase.”

Can you name all of Bounty’s catchphrases? Watch the video below for a reminder, and tell us which ones he missed in the comments. Just don’t get cross!